Sports Rehab
There are a huge variety of sports and sporting injuries. In the immediate and acute phase many of these injuries can be managed in a similar way (see Injury Management). However, if you are unable to weightbear, have an obvious deformity of a bone or joint position or have severe pain with a large restriction of movement then you should have the injury checked by your Doctor or an Emergency Department.

After three days the injury should be improving and now is the time to increase the range of movement and start to stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons. Physiotherapists have many treatment techniques to help you do this. A Physiotherapist will also advise you on any exercises you should be carrying out at home to help you recover.

Once the injury has reached a stage where your range of movement has returned and your muscle strength is improving you will need to prepare for returning to your sport. This needs to be carried out gradually by introducing sport specific exercise programmes and advice. Physiotherapists will advise you on this progressive programme and fitness test you at various stages to ensure that when you return fully to your sport you are fit to do so.